Ideas behind our IWOM Roundtable

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We are really excited about our IWOM seminar. We are fortunate to have some great participants as well as a bunch of great attendees.

One of the ideas of putting the event together was to really look at what’s happening around IWOM IN CHINA. There are lots of conferences with lots of people talking about what’s happening in “Consumer Generated Media” with plenty of impressive examples and theories, but so far, we haven’t seen many China specific cases. So that’s one angle we are taking: presenting real China cases to the panelists who all have real China IWOM experience.

Another interesting angle that will come out is the different perspectives and approaches the different agency disciplines are taking. We have PR, market research, digital, and advertising represented along with a brand and an IWOM platform (online video). I think that this mix, along with the chemistry among the actual individuals will generate very interesting discussion. For an interesting take on agencies and IWOM, from a US perspective, check out this Media Post article.

Finally, we do hope that this roundtable will serve as the first step for creating overall awareness of IWOM through recognition of best practices as well as the responsibility of companies and agencies to be ethical and transparent in their IWOM practices.

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