CIC Watch March 16-31

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Below is one article excerpt from our CIC Watch March 16-31:

Solidarity inside – A-list bloggers stand out for their friend who is facing death threat
“团结一致” – 网络社区的内在特质

Sample Quote
All we can do is root for Kathy and hope that the bully behind this is caught. It makes me angry. (Seth Godin)
My thoughts are with Kathy and her family and my best goes out to her. Be strong. We’re with you. (Steve Rubel)

Kathy Sierra, who hosts the popular Creating Passionate Users blog, received death threats and obscene insult which forced her to stay at home and cancelled scheduled speech. Her blog post evoked many a-list U.S bloggers’ support and created a solidarity scenario in the top-class blogosphere.

So far, we haven’t seen such high-profile incidents happen in the Chinese blogosphere, but it is no doubt that the solidarity also exists here. (Of course, there is dark side of the online community existing, see “Internet Manhunts” which was reported in CIC Watch, Sept 16-31, 2006) And we believe it is the core nature of a successful online communities. It takes time and sincere effort to be part of the community and once the connection is established, the bond is strong. Check out the Chinese Blogger Conference as example, viewers can sense the emotional bond within the community.

For anyone or any organizations that try to get into the online society, it is not just about dealing with any individual, it is about facing the whole community. Being sincere and honest is always the best practice to be a member inside

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