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 管理专栏 5 一月 2007

More and more corporate blogs are being set up. If your companies are also doing great work, why not yet share with others?
The corporate blog has great potential to be an efficient channel for brands to start conversations with their consumers. The communication is direct, transparent and most importantly, it is humanized. The company is no longer just a “company”. The emotional bond between brands and consumers can be established/enhanced through this close engagement.


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 圆桌会议 4 一月 2007

Seeisee is written by a wide range of CIC employees, including analysts, engineers and senior management. This blog is about IWOM and net culture, with a particular focus on the mainland China market. Any comment that contributes to the conversation and learning about this topic for us and for our readers is welcomed and will be posted. We are looking forward to your participation in the conversations!

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 管理专栏 4 一月 2007



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 管理专栏 4 一月 2007

Welcome to this, the first post of seeisee:
Who are we?
We are CIC, an Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) research and consulting firm in Shanghai, China. We help brands in China make sense of and leverage consumer buzz on the Internet.
What is IWOM?


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