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We are very happy to share with you some exciting updates about CIC’s services and capabilities. CIC is continuing to invest in our technology to ensure our clients can fully leverage digital intelligence coming from the unique, fragmented, and dynamic social media landscape in China, Asia and across the world.


CIC adds real-time eCommerce, WeChat, BBS and Online News 

In a major upgrade of Cooperator, CIC’s real-time social listening intelligence platform, expanded real-time coverage of Weibo to now include Online NewsBBS, as well as eCommerce reviews from 8 eCommerce sites. In China’s unique, fragmented, and dynamic social media landscape, comprehensive coverage across multiple channels is essential. BBS is essential for in-depth category understanding, online news for crisis monitoring, Weibo for insight and information spread, and WeChat public accounts for competitive tracking. eCommerce is becoming especially critical for categories like beauty and parenting, where reviews can account for up to 50% of all online buzz.


More than just ‘tracking’ these sources, CIC’s Cooperator is a tool that can be used to distill consumer insight, utilizing CIC’s proprietary Chinese language text mining expertise. For example, CIC’s real-time keyword cloud provide an up-to-minute snapshot of brand image across each channel of social media individually or an integrated view across all channels. In addition, CIC has upgraded certain Weibo analytics includingimproved tweet travelinstant quality fan analysis and separation of commercial buzz from organic buzz. These are just a few of the many improvements that help our clients turn social media chatter into insight, either in the form of this powerful tool or integrated social listening command centers.


For more information, please get in touch with Allen Chen at  allen.chen@cicdata.com




CIC expands beyond China to include coverage of 67 languages and 190 markets

CIC, famous for the most comprehensive, in-depth coverage, and understanding of social media in China, is taking its approach to Asia Pacific and the rest of the world. Kantar Media, CIC’s parent company, acquired world class social listening platform Fisheye Analytics in late 2013, and CIC has now integrated Fisheye’s full technical capability to cover 67 languages and 190 markets.

Global coverage of the Fisheye platform is impressive and includes:

  • 190+ countries
  • 67+ languages
  • 65,000+ online news sites
  • 100 million+ blogs
  • 30,000+ discussion forums
  • Comprehensive Twitter
  • All Facebook public pages/groups
  • YouTube, Instagram, and Flickr    

With China coverage powered by CIC, Fisheye is the only global platform with true, comprehensive China social data.


In addition to global coverage, CIC will utilize Fisheye’s unique online metrics like Social Reach and Influence, Editorial Marketing Value(EMV), which automatically calculates the media value of social platforms including online news, and Social Shares, which shows the full extent any piece of content is shared across the web.


CIC provides service for Fisheye to cover Asia Pacific, and with parent company Kantar Media, can now cover the world with hubs in Shanghai, Singapore, London, Paris, Hamburg, and New York.


For more information, please get in touch with Angela Huang at  angela.huang@cicdata.com

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 Industry Watch 8 August 2014

In the wake of hit movie like Transformer 4, more and more brands are considering or planning on product placement. Netizens were not only talking about the movie itself but also paid attention and offered opinions on brands’ product placements in the movie. CIC tracked the buzz about brands in the massively successful movie Transformer 4 which offers some lessons for those brands considering product placement: 

IN PLACE: The automotive brands, such as Chevroet, Lamborghini, and Trumpchi, were obvious and seamlessly fit into the movie plot and as a result were more naturally received by netizens. Especially Trumpchi, which was the first Chinese auto brand placed in this movie, gets high attention and applause.

OUT OF PLACE: Although audiences laughed at Shuhua milk, the brand was well recognized. Shuhua milk got high identification through its consistent and continuous tie-in with the Transformer movie series.

HIDDEN IN PLACE: Other brands created little or negative impact, including as the strange placement of China Construction Bank and the almost invisible placement of Zhouheiya.

Buzz share and Sentiment of different brands      ( Click the image to enlarge )

Chevrolet: Buzz share  35.7%

What netizen say:

  • After watching Transformer 4, I feel great driving my Chevrolet.
  • The transformation of the Chevrolet Camaro in Transformer 4 is fantastic!!!

Trumpchi: Buzz share  20.6%

What netizen say:

  • Do you still remember the chase scene where  the CEO (played by Li Bingbing) of KSI China Region drove the rich man with her in Hong Kong? Their car left a group of limos behind, absolutely, it was Trumpchi! This time a domestic car did not lose face to Optimus Prime or the Camaro.

Shuhua milk: Buzz share  24.8%

What netizen say:

  • On the whole, Shuhua milk is the biggest laughing stock, ORZ, Shuhua milk beat The Minions in acting cute…
  • The product placement and Chinese passers-by (酱油) seem very stiff. I’m petrified at the moment Joshua takes his Shuhua milk.

Zhouheiya: Buzz share  3.3%

What netizen say:

  • Where is the product placement of ZHOU HEI YA? I didn’t see it.


CIC China Internet Consumer Watch 2014, July Edition

This article comes from CIC’s China Internet Consumer Watch 2014, July Edition. As China’s leading social business intelligence provider, CIC always pays close attention to the latest hot issues online and social dynamics/trends. CIC China Internet Consumer Watch is a monthly trend guide making sense of hottest buzz, unique online culture; foreseeing some emerging trends in social/digital spaces as well as dissecting case studies of online marketing campaigns seen in the past month, to give a timely update of the dynamism and development of China’s unique digital culture.

To get a complete version of our CIC China Internet Consumer Watch or register for a long-term subscription, please reach out to marketing@cicdata.com

CIC watch cover screenshot (2014 July edition)

CIC China Internet Consumer watch封面

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 Industry Watch 5 August 2014

While teams battled for the World Cup, the marketing war between the two sports giants Nike and Adidas battled off the football pitch in a social media marketing war. Both has casualties. Adidas’ posted  an unseemly tweet around Suarez’ bite. Nike suffered when all its high profile spokespersons’ teams bowed out early (again) and netizens raised the specter of the “Nike Curse”. While Adidas could claim victory (and did) with two teams in the final, Nike was seen as getting the last shot with Götze kicking the winning goal in pair of Nike Magist shoes. In the end, both brands had highs and both were also taken to task by netizens so it is difficult to declare a clear winner in this social media marketing war.


The world cup timeline    ( Click the image to enlarge )

Adidas vs. Nike World Cup Adaptive Social Marketing

FIFA World Cup begin

  • Nike: Tweet #搏上一切# #Risk Everything# topic on Weibo and related short videos
  • Adidas: Tweet #成皇或败寇# #all in or nothing# topic on Weibo


Suarez’s bite

  • Adidas: After Suarez’s bite, Adidas released  poster featuring Suarez with his mouth widely open and accompanied with the text “You will overcome by gritting your Teeth(一咬牙就过去了)‘” which was widely criticized by netizens.


Nike stars all lose

  • Nike: After the teams sponsored by Nike were all eliminated, Nike was mocked for the “Nike Curse” two tournaments in a row.


The Finals

  • Adidas: The two teams in the final were both sponsored by Adidas, who continuously released posters promoting this fact.
  • Nike: The decisive goal in the final was scored by Nike’s football star Mario Götze wearing Nike Magista football shoes. Nike seized the opportunity and timely launched the animation short film #Risk everything# starring Götze, turning the tables on Adidas.




CIC China Internet Consumer Watch 2014, July Edition

This article comes from CIC’s China Internet Consumer Watch 2014, July Edition. As China’s leading social business intelligence provider, CIC always pays close attention to the latest hot issues online and social dynamics/trends. CIC China Internet Consumer Watch is a monthly trend guide making sense of hottest buzz, unique online culture; foreseeing some emerging trends in social/digital spaces as well as dissecting case studies of online marketing campaigns seen in the past month, to give a timely update of the dynamism and development of China’s unique digital culture.

To get a complete version of our CIC China Internet Consumer Watch or register for a long-term subscription, please reach out to marketing@cicdata.com

CIC watch cover screenshot (2014 July edition)

CIC China Internet Consumer watch封面

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 uncategorized 26 May 2014

CIC Logo

For 10 years, CIC has been a leading Asia Pacific social and digital insight firm based in Shanghai and with offices in Beijing and Hong Kong. We distill insight from ‘big digital data’ sets, including social media, e-commerce, search and any other ‘real time’ high speed data rich source. CIC is under WPP’s Kantar group.

As we expand, we are aggressively hiring.

If any of the below positions sound interesting to you or someone you might now, let me know. I can have my team follow up with a JD and more information: Charlie.meng@cicdata.com


* Beijing office lead

* BD/Marketing director (Shanghai)

* Junior BD (Shanghai)

* Analyst (Hong Kong)

* Analysts all levels (Shanghai/Beijing)

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 IWOM Reports 26 February 2014

CIC has witnessed dynamic changes in the China Social Media Landscape for the 6th year. Every year, CIC publishes an update of its latest developments. This infographic has long been recognized by the industry as the most authoritative reference, which highlights and helps decipher and navigate the complexity of China social media dynamics.


In the past year, we have seen that different social and digital platforms offer different marketing value propositions, and in particular, the rapid surge in access of mobile internet has generated a much faster and deeper impact in China, compared to other western markets.

(Click for better reading experience)

(Figure-CIC 2014 China Social Media Landscape)


The 2014 landscape portrayal is split into two parts, ‘Social Marketing Core Platforms’ and ‘Interest Communities for Target Segmentation’. Starting from inside out, the platforms rings are ‘International Benchmarks’, ‘Cross-screen Distribution’, ‘Platform Category’ and ‘Business Strategies’.


1. Social Marketing Core Platforms

Social marketing core platforms refer to platforms with a very broad user base and absorb significant portion of user time. They could be prioritized marketing battle fields for most brands. Combining 10 years of research and consulting practice of CIC in the digital space, and data from ‘The 33rd Statistical Report on the Internet Development in China’ from CNNIC, we have listed 9 social marketing core platforms: Instant Messaging (IM including Wechat in CNNIC survey), Video/Music, Blog, Microblog, SNS, BBS, Mobile Social, Social Life and E-commerce.

We believe that all the social marketing core platforms with different value propositions are shaping the core value chain of social marketing in China. We might use a simple marketing value chain ‘Awareness Building à Content / Engagement à Service / Transactions’ to tease out these platforms as a first step.

  •  IM (Instant Messaging) and Video/Music platforms mainly serve the ‘Awareness Building’ objective, given their large user base. By the end of 2013*, IM users and video users reached 532 million and 428 million respectively, with penetration at 86.2% and 69.3%. By leveraging these platforms as media, brands can get rapid and cost effective reach and exposure.
  • Blogs, Microblog, SNS and BBS mainly serve the ‘Content/Engagement’ objective. While these platforms may also serve the ‘Awareness Building’ purpose, the key formula there is leveraging relevant contents on these platforms to motivate consumers to interact among themselves or with brands. The final goal is to establish fans communities that your brand plays a core role in.
  • Mobile Social, Social Life and E-commerce mainly serve the ‘Service/Transactions’ objective. For example, Wechat public service account is virtual CRM or the public window that allows marketers face their consumers and provide transactions and service. Dianping, a social life platform like Yelp, links local businesses and consumers, allowing businesses to understand consumer needs and have a space for tactical promotions.

In the future, CIC believes that more and more platforms will gradually extend their role in this value chain. Like Video/Music, although currently marketers mainly use pop-up advertising, they may also build direct purchase and service functions, such as VIP services, video content clicks generated e-commerce, etc. However, currently, various platforms on the entire value chain still play their unique roles, and brands can utilize the characteristics of different platforms to build their own social marketing value chain tailored for their products.


2. Interest Communities for Target segmentation

Interest Communities for Target segmentation, include 9 platforms: Travel Social, Dating Network, Business Social, Enterprise Social, Light Blog, Photo Social, Short-video Social, WIKI & Q&A, and Social E-commerce. These platforms are vertical consumer interest groups. Brands, depending on positioning and targeting strategy of their products, could match with the appropriate social media platforms’ contents and users, to tailor make their social media marketing strategy and programs.

Vertical interest communities are naturally segmenting consumers and may present themselves as very targeted media offering cost effective reach for brands and companies in building their media plan and promotion programs. However, as part of those platforms and its related industry value in the chain is not yet fully mature, marketers may want to wait and see.


3. Cross-screen Distribution

While mobility is a worldwide trend, cross-screen is a major feature of this year’s social media landscape: PC access only, both PC + mobile access, mobile access only. While PC + mobile access is still the predominant distribution format chosen by most of the social media platforms, some new emerging and popular platforms decide to have mobile only access, which sends a signal to marketers that “Mobile First” should be on their marketing agendas.

In 2014, China social media is showing some phenomena, like mobility, segmentation, transaction/service, data integration and data analytics, bringing more opportunities to social media marketing and social business. For example, Chen Kun (a super movie star in China)’ Wechat public account is actually a close-looped community based on mobile, which is equipped by mobile payment and a seamlessly connected CRM system. This innovation could inspire brands on ‘Mobile First’ and ‘Service/Transactions’ strategy. At the same time, for the brand, Microblog is still the best marketing platform to gain fast and far reaching buzz volume generating brand and campaign awareness. Marketers could curate right social content and create customized consumer experience appropriate. Many vivid cases tell us that successful marketing is to stay ahead of the game by keeping abreast of all innovations in social media platforms and any game changing practice.

* Source: 33rd Statistical Report on Internet Development in China, CNNIC.


Appendix: A brief history of CIC China Social Media Landscape:

2008 launch edition







For more information, please contact:

 Chander Guo

Marketing Director, CIC



+86 – 21 – 64049191 ext 8891


About CIC

CIC is China’s pioneering social business intelligence company. CIC enables businesses to fully leverage the power of social media and Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) intelligence across the organization. Since coining the term IWOM in 2004, CIC has pioneered the industry to help companies meet their social media marketing and social business needs by providing customized researchconsulting services,  as well as technology solutions , all from an objective, third party perspective. In addition to helping companies leverage social media intelligence for more informed decisions, CIC is monetizing the social business industry in China by creating an integrated social business support system.

In early 2012, as China’s pioneering social business intelligence company, CIC consented to acquisition by WPP’s Kantar Media, the media research and insight division of Kantar, expanding their social offering across Asia Pacific markets. (Press release)

CIC will continue to provide social business intelligence from an unbiased, third-party perspective, to the world’s leading brands and agencies.


About Kantar Media

 Kantar Media provides critical information that helps our clients make better decisions about communications. We enable the world’s leading brands, publishers, agencies and industry bodies to navigate and succeed in a rapidly evolving media industry. Our services and data include analysis of paid media opportunities; counsel on brand reputation, corporate management and consumer engagement through owned media; and evaluating consumers’ reactions in earned media. As the global house of expertise in media and marketing information, Kantar Media provides clients with a broad range of insights, from audience research, competitive intelligence, vital consumer behaviour and digital insights, marketing and advertising effectiveness to social media monitoring. Our experts currently work with 22,000 companies tracking over 4 million brands in 50 countries.

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