Consumer Day and The Internet Community

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Once again, Consumer Day in China is here (March 15). Crisis 2.0 is nothing new to us in China, but it remains a powerful example of how the Internet Community is reshaping the relationship between brands and consumers. With this in mind, I thought it would be worthwhile to re-visit the post I wrote last year about the event and integrate some of our recent thinking from our Internet is THE Community white papers (see here and here).

About Consumer Day (from last year’s post):

Sponsored by China Consumers’ Association (CCA)”, Consumer Day is the day that consumers are encouraged to share their customer service complaints (and perhaps kudos, but you don’t see much of this). Consumer Day stories are featured prominently in mainstream media, and PR managers live in fear of this day.

In the post, I go on to outline key channels for consumer expression. We actually updated our thoughts on the overall IWOM/social media landscape in part 1 of our white paper, “The Chinese IWOM Landscape” and “painted” a picture of the landscape.

The big picture is that the Internet Community is reshaping the relationship between brands and consumers. For PR/reputation management, this means that “(w)ith so many platforms to communicate about and amplify brand experiences, one could say that everyday is Consumer Day in China.”


But it is also important to understand this “reshaping” goes well beyond “scary” stuff related to PR/Reputation. This ‘direct to consumer’ feedback means that IWOM can serve as an intelligence platform where, as we outline in our white paper, consumers provide product feedback,  inspiration for marketing (see below), and opportunities for collaboration. This means that within the marketing communications spectrum, everybody should be “listening,” including PR, digital marketing, research, and advertising. The fact that our clients fill this spectrum is testament to this.

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