SeeIsee Blog: 3 years and counting—the Greatest Hits (Part 1)

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Three years ago this week, we launched SeeISee, the blogging platform for CIC which included both the Chinese blog and my English blog.  The goal was to share our passion and learnings on IWOM.  Of course there are others who I admire and even aspire to in terms of writing quality and quantity in the overall China blog space (hello Danwei , Imagethief and David Wolf), but I must say, after 3 years and well over 250 articles, we have done a pretty good job.

In recognition of the 3 year milestone, I wanted to take a chance to outline some of the articles that I feel are the more meaningful or significant in terms of telling the story of IWOM. To do this, I will actually step back 5 years, and include some of the articles originally published on the “China IWOM blog” written under my domain,

Here is Part 1 covering 2005-2007.

2005.11.29 :: How did I get here? The American dream in China
My very first post was a bit personal. The road here is not road I would have ever predicted. Nor is it ever clear exactly where you are going, even if you think you know. That’s what makes it exciting.

2005.11.30 :: China ‘net stars not just for geeks
This was the first of several posts on “net stars” over the years and emphasizes how the Chinese Internet and IWOM is more than “just information,” it is also entertainment, especially in the void that exists within Chinese entertainment on more established media.  We also cover net stars in later posts, including here, here and here.

2006.04.13 :: Reward: Up to 10,000 RMB for finding good people for CIC data
We used our blog to recruit and it worked. And our blogging and overall IWOM continues to attract new hires.

2006.05.02 :: Chinese blogs and the Technorati 100: Where’s Xu Jing Lei?
Uber blogger Xu Jing Lei put to shame the ‘big time’ bloggers in the US and for the first time showed how China dominates social media in terms of scale.

2006.05.17 :: Online tuangou “group purchase” giving offline retailers a run for their money
My first account of tuangou, an amazing phenomena of social commerce that shows that IWOM is doing more than just changing purchase decisions, but actually the way people make purchases. More blog articles here, here, and here as well as an Ad Age article here. See more on social commerce here.

2006.06.03 :: Did you know that I write for the China Daily? I didn’t…
The first of many times we found our content ‘repurposed.’ Not a unique problem, for sure, but flattering in the end. See also here.  We have even found our content ‘repurposed’ within major agency white papers (we won’t name names here ; )

2006.08.03 :: China Dell Hell (aka Processor Gate)
One of the first truly social media crisis to hit big time mainstream media. See nice ending to the story here.  Article on “Crisis 2.0” here.

2007.01.20 :: History and Evolution of CIC’s logos
Open source logo design within CIC.

2007.03.19 :: CIC’s ‘LISTEN-KNOW-PARTICIPATE’ model for IWOM
The first description of our core belief that still is alive and well today (and ever evolving).

2007.03.29 :: China’s First IWOM Roundtable
First social media event held in China which brought together great clients and social media owners.  We followed up in 2009.

2007.06.19 :: Really Understanding Efluencers and IWOM
The first discussion of online opinion leaders applied to China.

2007.08.16 :: Hey DX, hope you like this post on net language for auto industry
One of the first of many articles on net language/slang and its implications. See also here, here and our white paper on the topic here.

2007.09.07 :: IWOM manager titles a trend
First article about the development of “social media departments” in China, before any such existed on client or agency side. Now….just about everyone has one in one form or another, at least on the agency side. Do the same search, and see that the trend continues.

2007.10.19 :: IWOM Watch Sept 16-30: “Shai”(晒/show) means showing off your stuff online
First article to describe the key phenomena of ‘net natives’ of “showing off.” It represents/defines the 80’s generation and even more so the 90’s generation. You will see this in every standard “China youth” presentation nowadays.

2007.10.29 :: IWOM defined
IWOM was coined by CIC. This is the first time we explicitly defined it. See also our glossary of IWOm terms as well as our IWOM indexes.

2007.12.15 :: CIC IWOM Summit: touching base with IWOM users
The first of our IWOM summits with CxO and directors in China. See 2008 wrap up here. 2009 is coming soon.

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