SeeIsee Blog: 3 years and counting—the Greatest Hits (Part 2)

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With January serving as the 3 year anniversary of the seeisee blog all about IWOM, last week I shared the blog’s ‘Greatest Hits Part 1.’ Here is ‘Greatest Hits Part 2, 2008-2009.’ Maybe I should call it “my favorite hits,” because I am not curating based on popularity but rather on what I think best represents CIC’s telling of IWOM and social media in China.

Hope you enjoy.

2008.01.03 :: IWOM Ethics and Why CIC joined WOMMA
CIC believes very strongly in transparency in IWOM, which is not easy in the China market where such transparency is not the norm, as my interview in this Media mag article points out. We got pretty upset when Businessweek got our stance on this issue very wrong here, and we clarified our stance here. David Wolf, Will Moss (aka Imagethief) , Paul Denlinger, and Tangos all wrote thoughtful pieces on this topic.

2008.01.28 :: Internet word-of-mouth trends in 2008
We got into the trend prediction business for this article. In the end, we weren’t too far off.

2008.03.14 :: Consumer Day 315: An overview of Internet Channels for the Malcontent
March 15th is Consumer Day in China. We shared our thoughts on the key channels in how IWOM has become front and center as a channel for the consumer voice here, even if it is sometimes amplified by forces unique to the China market as we see here.

2008.04.02 :: Connection points for the “connected agency” in China
This was the first of a series of articles that represent the core of our IWOM and the Internet is THE community philosophies. Other articles are:
Connecting the connected agency in China
6 reasons brands in China should listen to IWOM (beyond seeding and crisis tracking)
How IWOM is Redefining the Relationship between Brands and Consumers
The DNA of internet word-of-mouth platforms

2008.05.27 :: IWOM Watch Special Edition: Internet and IWOM shape the Sichuan Earthquake aftermath
We did our best to capture the mood of the aftermath of the terrible tragedy that was the Sichuan earthquake on 5.12.08. IWOM is in fact the perfect window to capture this collective mood. Still one of our most viewed slideshare decks.

2008.06.12 :: Tuning into Sports IWOM 2007 Q4: BBS vs. Twitter
The world was beginning to be all-a-twitter about twitter when we posted this. The community and connections that drive the success of twitter have existed for sometime in China.

2008.07.01 :: President Hu Jin Tao listens to online buzz…why shouldn’t you?
Before there was Obama 2.0, there was Hu Jin Tao 2.0.

2008.08.04 :: IWOM Watch Jul 1 – 15: Marketers screw up net language, look foolish
Nice try at “participation” by brands (aka Listen-Know-Participate), but good intentions paved the road to hell.

2008.08.08 :: Danwei “Model Worker” award
Danwei has always been the standard for English blogs about China. To get recognized by the Danwei team was awesome. We were also recognized in 2007.

2008.08.11 :: Pre-Olympic Buzz Analysis of Sponsors: Keyword Association Mapping of Chinese IWOM
This was our attempt to ride the Olympics wave of buzz. Also displayed our IWOM unique methodology for China.

2008.11.27 :: CIC releases white paper “The Internet is THE Community”
Technology plays a big role in social media. But to truly get social media, you need to understand the SOCIAL in social media. For us, this is the Internet Community, which is reshaping the relationships between brands and consumers.

2009.01.10 :: The Conversation Prism Goes International
We borrowed Brian Solis social media prism to display the Chinese social media landscape. Others did it for other markets.

2009.03.03 :: Forrester: Chinese social media participation is higher than the US
China has more people online, more places to talk and more people talking. This Forrester study shows that Chinese twice as active at participating compared to Americans. China provides an unprecedented opportunity to see the future of social media.

2009.06.18 :: CIC launches a new white paper series: Making Sense of IWOM
In 2008, we launched offline research to understand what drives IWOM and engagement. The white papers in this series outlines the results.

2009.06.30 :: CIC collaborates with Roland Berger on their new ‘Chinese Consumer Report’
We strongly believe that IWOM is reshaping more than just the relationship between brands and consumers. It is doing more than reshaping communications. It is reshaping business. This is why leading management consultancies like Roland Berger are interested in the topic. Look for more in the coming year on this topic.

2009.07.28 :: Reflections on June (and some of July): IWOM Technology is Necessary, But Not Sufficient
For “listening” to IWOM, technology is essential. We have some pretty cool tools and even patent pending technology that we have developed since 2004 for the China market, and this year you will see even more tools coming out. However, we strongly believe technology is not enough. You have to be able to “make sense of the buzz” which is why this is our tag line. Products do not deliver the insights marketers need to inform decisions. People do.

2009.12.23 :: 5 Years Later: IWOM in China-Where have we been? Where are we going?
We have been in the space for 5 years, but I still feel like we are only at the beginning. Here I share a bit about the past as well as the future.

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