IWOM watch December: Sina microblog beats out traditional media to report news first

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IWOM watch December

IWOM watch summary: 

Following the opening of United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen on Dec.7th 2009, a new awareness ‘green’, also called low-carbon life was generated. In this issue, we took a look at how netizens discussed environmental protection and contributed ideas spontaneously.

We also monitored the reaction of a recent subway accident in which social media played an important role. The popularity of “I love Shanghai” icons show us that netizens also have their own local culture expressed on the Internet Community. In addition, we looked at the Youku collaboration with CMCC (China Mobile Communications Corporation) where a music event was broadcasted live, which allowed netizens to actively participate and finally, we examined the Toyota Highlander in the “Fail-to-Climb Gate“ crisis.

For a sample of the full report and information on pricing, please send an email to info@cicdata.com

A topic from the report can be found below.

Sample article: Shanghai’s Subway crash: News came from victim’s microblog first, beating traditional media (上海地铁一号线两车相撞事故受害者领先传统媒体报道事件)

Two Shanghai Subway Line 1 trains collided in the early morning of December 22nd 2009, forcing thousands of passengers to take alternative transportation and causing a massive traffic jam. The accident and closure of the subway immediately generated hot discussions on the Internet with witnesses and victims sharing pictures and making live reports of the accident on BBS (Link). Topics about the winter solstice (a possible cause), office workers’ tough day, traffic congestion as well as the attitudes of the subway workers and handlers emerged online. Sina (Link) and 163 (Link) also made special coverage of the collision.

The highlight of the story came from one of the victims ‘Baojianguang’ (暴剑光), who first published the news on his Sina microblog directly from the scene well before any traditional media (Link) which became a story in and of itself. Similar to twitter coverage from airline crash victims in the US 2008 and 2009, this event may well demonstrate microblogging becoming a mainstream phenomenon in China.

IWOM watch December2

Below is a screen shot of the table of contents for the full IWOM watch report:

IWOM watch December3

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