IWOM Mark 20100310 Vol.21

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About IWOM mark: IWOM mark is a column on the Seeisee Chinese blog. Every week, our marketing team puts the hottest news/happenings from the IWOM industry, net culture or brands. We launched it October and have received good feedback from the Chinese language Internet Community. The Chinese column version publishes every Wednesday, aiming to provide a quick overview and guide for Social media managers and industry friends. We also publish this on our IWOM blog on Sohu. If any suggestions, send a mail to info@cicdata.com

Below are some snippet translations of this past week’s IWOM mark.

Check more summaries on IWOM mark in CN version

[1]  QQ online users  exceed 100 million
According to official reports, at exactly 19:52:58 on March 5th this year, the number of  online QQ usersmade a breakthrough of 100 million. Tencent expressed its thanks to netizens.

[2] Chinese netizens teamed up to elect Oscars
In one of douban’s mini-sites “Douban Oscar“, netizens voted the film  “Avatar”   winner, which was different from the official results of the  Oscar. Netizens thought this film should be awarded the honours of Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Director. Netizens got it right with the award of Best Supporting Actor which went to Christoph Waltz. . In addition, the movie ‘Up’ was most impressive to netizens.
douban oscar2010

[3] 170 Chinese consumers unite to complain against HP notebook
HP user rights legal team  started a blog on Sohu and  showed the joint letter of complaint on the blog.

[4]A recommendation of Dell’s Sina Microblog @戴尔中国

[5]Netizens awaits r the approval of NetEase WOW (World of Warcraft)

[6] QQ garden  to go into the foods market?
Our IWOM Master tool, IWOMdiscoverTM indexed a post “QQ garden started to go into foods market,” in which netizens shared a sort of puffed food in the package of QQ garden.

[7] Carlsberg Chill sponsors the cross-post on Kainxin001.com contest (see here)

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