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IWOM WATCH MAY – iPad成网络热事1

The “group purchase” phenomenon is not new to the public, but “group purchase” sites in China have recently set off a new high tide. The basic concept of “group purchase” is that consumers can organize a group online to get “wholesale” prices from retailers or distributors. In this issue, we look at the large amount of “tuan gou” websites which have emerged in China, inspired by the success of groupon.com – a reputable Western “group purchase” site.

In addition, we take a look at the 2010 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition. We look into the amazing buzz around iPad. And we notice Nokia’s two viral videos featuring a music phone. Finally, we watch the US Pavilion making use of its own social networks to attract more visitors.

Here are some excerpts from the IWOM Watch report.

Sample article: iPad launch creates significant buzz around China’s social media

IWOM WATCH MAY – iPad成网络热事2

iPad buzz volume hit significant numbers in China. According to Sina Weibo statistics, there were more than 600,000 related messages on Sina Weibo by the end of May.

iPad’s excellent user experience was widely discussed. Photos and videos of netizens enjoying their iPads became popular on Chinese social media.

iPad’s increased popularity among Chinese netizens inspired their creativity. A mahjong game featuring 4 iPhones and one iPad was massively forwarded on Sina Microblog.

Netizens like to shai (show off) their newly bought iPads in several interesting ways. iPad kittens and iPad puppies became popular and crazily forwarded on social media.

Though yet to be officially released in China, iPad generates consistently strong buzz, which bodes well if and when it is launched in China.

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IWOM WATCH MAY – iPad成网络热事3

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