IWOM mark Vol. 34: Octopus t-shirts, sexy net star sponsors ban, Weibo as crisis management tool and more…

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About IWOM mark: IWOM mark is a column on the Seeisee Chinese blog. Every week, our marketing team puts the hottest news/happenings from the IWOM industry, net culture or brands. We launched it October and have received good feedback from the Chinese language Internet Community. The Chinese column version publishes every Wednesday, aiming to provide a quick overview and guide for Social media managers and industry friends. We also publish this on our IWOM blog on Sohu. If any suggestions, send a mail to info@cicdata.com

Below are some snippet translations of this past week’s IWOM mark.

Check more summaries on IWOM mark in CN version

[1] CIC launched China SNS (Social Network Service) report
Your guide to SNS consumer insight and digital intelligence from Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM). See sample slides on SlideShare or visit our mini-site for more details.

[2] ‘Octopus’ products
Paul the Octopus has gained popularity for his World Cup predictions. He has been called ‘Brother Octopus’ and crowned as ‘Predicting God’. Octopus dolls, T-shirts and other cool products with the ‘Octopus’ image are hot on Taobao.

[3] Famous nude net stars nixed for online game ads.
The Ministry of Culture recently issued notices prohibiting net stars who gained their popularity with nude pics or videos from endorsing video games.

[4] BAWANG performs crisis management via Weibo
According to Hong Kong press, products under BAWANG’s brand contain cancer-causing substance – ‘Dioxane’. BAWANG Group quickly made official responses, accusing media of their inaccurate report, and conducted Crisis PR via Sina twitter @霸王洗发水.

In Sina’s investigation – ‘Would You Still Buy BAWANG Shampoo?’, 73.6% netizens showed unwillingness to buy, while 13.8% of them were not sure, but only 12.6% said they would buy. Refer to the chart below:

[5] Portals joined the scrimmages among group purchase websites
Just after Sohu launched ‘iHome Group’, Sina and Tencent launched ‘Sina Group’ and ‘Group Purchase at QQ Mall’ one after another, which made the contest among those group purchase websites increasingly fierce.

[6] Cool campaign: Volkswagen’s low carbon living sharing session named “Think Blue”
Volkswagen has been collecting creative ideas via ‘the new factories’ Weibo under the name of CBN-China Business Network with participants sharing their views on the topic of living environmental friendly under blue sky and with low carbon emission. Event Website: http://t.yicai.com/thinkblue/

[7] Industry Conference Preview: China New Social media Forum 2010
On 22 July, Sam Flemming (Founder of CIC) will talk about ” Word of mouth – How to Integrate and Benefit from WOM for Your Marketing” at China New Social media Forum 2010. View detailed agenda.

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