CIC Publishes White Paper Series “From Social Media to Social Business” Topic One – An Overview of the Evolution of Chinese Social Media

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Below is a release about our most recent white paper.

In the US, the relentless expansion of Twitter and Facebook continues to change the entire Internet landscape.  Nowadays, social media is as equally integral a part of people’s online lives as other key internet services: search engines, portals or e-commerce platforms. The extended, 3rd party applications incorporated by social media platforms help to quickly form an immersive eco-system and have aided the perpetuation of this social business revolution since 2006: Crowd sourcing, Enterprise 2.0 and Social CRM etc.

In China, the social media environment has been really heating up as traditional internet giants like Taobao, QQ, Baidu and Sina have joined the battle. We have seen the boundary between SNS and e-commerce being blurred by the emergence of some group purchase sites. We’ve also seen big platforms starting to adopt an “Open API & Platform Strategy”, based on a realization of the importance of 3rd party applications to  their success.

CIC has been at the forefront of this rapid development of social media in China and based on this first-hand experience and expertise, established itself as the industry’s thought leader. From this vantage point, we could forecast the natural evolution that will eventually lead every enterprise and organization to socialize their business. That’s why CIC have been instrumental in defining the term “social business” in China. Not only that, we are dedicated to helping you gain an actionable understanding of social media and social business in China.

CIC’s definition of “Social Business”: An enterprise or other organization who is aware of the power of social media and social network, making use of Web 2.0 technologies and internet space to reform their customer relationship, corporate organization and business operation.

CIC Whitepaper 2011:  A trilogy of “The evolution from social media to social business in China”:

Topic one – An Overview of the Evolution of Chinese Social MediaIn topic one, we will walk you through the development of China’s social media and explore the corresponding business applications stage by stage. (Please click here to view our report)

Topic two – Online Efluencer Workshop: In topic two, we will dive deep into the role of online Efluencers; actively engaging communities in an attempt to tap into their deep motivation and explore their unique online culture. (Topic two is planned to be released on the 1st half of this year)

Topic three – A Preview of Social Business Operation and Management in China: In topic three, we will introduce the latest social business cases on the reformation of customer relationships, corporate organization and business operation. (Topic three is planned to be released on the 2nd half of this year)

Topic One Highlights

In Topic One, not only do we recap the hot social media trends at each stage, we also employ typical user cases in order to paint an overall picture of China’s social media development and evolution.

There are two main reasons why online Efluencers are so active on social networks: the desire for social influence and the love of self expression. Based on these two factors, we break them into 7 personas for further study.

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