Chinese Social Network Efluencers – Characteristics & Segmentation

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The second of CIC’s From Social Media to Social Business infographics centers on the biggest fish in the world’s biggest social media pond. That is, those who steer the conversation and exert the most influence on communities in Chinese social media. At CIC, we call them efluencers. So, who are they?

The latest Infographic powered by CIC: Chinese Social Network Efluencers - Characteristics & Segmentation

Efluencers are the dedicated netizens who take it upon themselves to champion Chinese net culture. They may not have the mass appeal of the out-right Net Star – real-life celebrities who’ve taken to a social media platform or a weblebrities who’ve been manufactured by the medium – but whether their actions are defined in terms of social influence or self expression, the efluencer holds a crucial position in the community.

In terms of creating content and driving buzz, efluencers are the engine room of the social internet. For brands looking to leverage the efluencer’s authority, the first step is understanding their background and motivation, before beginning to characterize and segment them in terms of behavior.

Turning the buzz of China’s social internet into actionable business intelligence hinges on a few key principles. Naturally, listening to your current and prospective consumers is integral. As is understanding the environment, both in terms of the communities and the netizens that inhabit them. This helps you to realize the behavior that’s at the heart of authentic participation. For more about where, who, how and why, check out CIC’s infographics, read our latest whitepaper or get in touch.


CIC Social Business White Paper <From Social Media to Social Business> Topic 1

The 27th Statistical Survey Report about Internet Development in China by CNNIC, Jan 2011

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