IWOM Mark No.75 ( Sina Weibo Virtual Currency; Police Taobao Style; Jia An’s 2nd Viral Video; Jiepang’s Infographic; Food Experience; Everyone Against Zombies )

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[1] Sina Weibo Virtual Currency

Sina Weibo have announced the minting of their own virtual currency, called “Wēibì”, which can be used to purchase all kinds of weibo-based virtual goods and services. The exchange rate with RMB has been set at 1:1 and users can charge their accounts via online banking or Alipay. This virtual currency highlights the tangibility of China’s social commerce.

[2] Police – Taobao Style

To underline the mainstreaming of China’s social media trends, we’ve previously drawn your attention to the police force’s use of “Roaring” style and “Vanclized” advertising. Now, the latest addition to their line-up is the “Taobao” style.

[3] Jia An’s 2nd Viral Video

After the endemic success of their last viral, “Roaring Runaway Spy Series”, the second installment in home care brand Jia An’s series, “Air Conditioner Virus Killer”, has just been released in cooperation with Huge and has maintained the very high standard of spoofing set by its predecessor.

Jia An’s Viral Video

[4] Jiepang’s Behavioral Infographic

Jiepang.com, the popular location based social platform, have made an infographic based on the contents of user’s check-in data from the last year, revealing some interesting insights into their behavior. Most photo check-ins were at Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport, Terminal 2. The weirdest check-in? The South Pole.

[5] Buying Food: A Special Report

This report is based on the stages that regular consumers go through on the route to making a food purchase. There are eight; variety, price, pre-purchase advice, purchase experience, speed of delivery, customer service, guarantee and packaging. The sources of the report were drawn from a host of mainstream, B2C food sites. See the report here: http://tech.163.com/special/foodb2c/

[6] CIC’s “Everyone Against Zombie Followers” Campaign

Recently, CIC cooperated with brands, net stars and other organizations to launch an “anti-zombies followers” campaign, with the hashtag #Everyone Against Zombie Followers#. We hope everyone has the self-discipline to say no to fake followers. It’s not too late to join in this crusade, just retweet the message with your statement of support.  For more details: http://weibo.com/1649030147/l4EVig128

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