CIC and SINA Release Joint White Paper – ‘Microblog Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development’

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CIC and SINA release joint white paper – ‘Microblog Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development’

After much anticipation, CIC and Sina’s collaborative white paper on the weibo inspired revolution in Chinese social business was released to a select audience at a gala event at Shanghai’s Wyndham Grand Hotel on the 25th of October.

To accompany the recent publication of CIC and Sina’s  ‘Microblog Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development‘, which is only in the original Chinese at the moment (available to view on Slideshare and download via the CIC website), we are releasing a series of articles that pick out highlights for our English speaking audience. Here’s a brief introduction to the key points:


  • The exponential growth and development of the microblog in China is setting the scene for a battle for the role of key “Social Portal” in the Chinese Internet landscape. To learn more about China’s digital evolution towards the social portal, click here.


  • With the rapid development and substantial implications for enterprise of owned media, that is, branded microblog accounts and focused microblog marketing. Naturally, the potential social business impact that can be achieved by actively participating in the online community and shortening the distance between brand and consumer is significant and wholly tangible. For insight into owned media engagement in a social space, read our recent luxury white paper, The Voice of Luxury: Social Media and Luxury Brands in China, available on slideshare.


  • The fact that everyone is talking about weibo and we’re witnessing the ongoing, exponential growth of the microblog medium in China bears testament to the realization of a concept that CIC introduced to China in the first of an ongoing white paper series, “From Social Media to Social Business”. The actionable business intelligence that can be derived from listening, knowing and participating in the social conversations taking place in their millions in China’s digital landscape.
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