IWOM Mark No.93 ( Weibo Complaints about CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala; Has Han Han been faking it? ; Groupon.cn’s CEO; The price of fish in Sanya; Edelman’s 2012 Trust Barometer: Global Results; “The 29th CNNIC Statistics Report on the State of Chinese Internet Development” )

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[1] The best thing about CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala? Slamming it via weibo.

CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala is a longstanding TV tradition, bringing together family and friends. China’s netizens were united too, in a dual-screening integration of social, mobile and television. Netizens posted a significant number of weibos while watching the gala, voicing their opinions and critiquing all aspects of the performance: Wang Fei’s dry voice, Guo Donglin’s perceived plagiarism, ad placements and so on.


Multi-screen engagement, where TV viewers simultaneously engage with a computer or mobile device, is now certainly a feature of these televised events. Shopkeepers of Taobao kept in step by showcasing the stars’ outfits in real-time, throughout the Gala.

[2] Has Han Han been faking it?

The world’s most popular blogger, China’s race-car driving renaissance man, Han Han, has been the focus of hot debate since the 15th of January, when allegations about his use of ghostwriters first surfaced. In all, approximately 15million related posts have made on Sina Weibo, either questioning his writing ability, or sticking up for the irritated internet idol. KFC were quick to capitalize on the buzz.


[3] Seen Groupon.cn’s CEO recently?

The workers at Groupon.cn have a dedicated Sina Weibo account, @团宝农民工, and it was here that we first heard the news that the CEO of Groupon.cn was… AWOL. This generated significant buzz before, the next day, Groupon.cn’s CEO popped up (@团宝网CEO任春雷) and posted a message that “Any problems would be dealt at work”. In an environment where nearly 2000 group-buying sites have gone bust, it would certainly seem all is not well with Groupon.cn


[4] What’s that got to do with the price of fish in Sanya?

During the spring festival, a netizen posted a weibo that seafood merchants in Sanya were ripping off tourists, causing much concern amongst netizens. Afterwards, Sanya’s local government press office (@三亚市政府新闻办) responded with three posts to Sina Weibo. However, their statement that claimed there were “No complaints” did little to cover up the fact that many tourists shared the same experience. In fact, a group of netizens have opened up a weibo account, charmingly titled, “Tourists Against the Butchers’ Union” (@游客反杀猪联盟) to supervise such incidents.

[5] 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer: Global Results

Recently, global PR agency Edelman released their “2012 Trust Barometer: Global Results”.

Click here to visit the whole report: http://trust.edelman.com/trust-download/global-results/

[6] “The 29th CNNIC Statistics Report on the State of Chinese Internet Development”

The world’s most unique, dynamic and down-right massive digital landscape shows no sign of abating. By the end of December 2011, the number of Chinese Internet users had reached 513 million, with mobile Internet users up to 356 million.

Click here to view the whole report.

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