IWOM Mark No.95 ( Mogujie.com “C2B” Group-Purchase; Launch of meishixing.com; Data Consumption of taobao.com; Starbucks China App; BM China’s Social Media Strategy Guidebook; Twitter’s Mobile Advertising; Baidu’s Weibo Search; “CIC 2012 China Social Media Landscape” )

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[1]Mogujie.com launches C2B group-purchase

Mogujie.com launched a new online product, “Free Group Purchase”, at 5 p.m. on the 1st of March, encouraging users to initiate a group purchase on any product they want. This “C2B” group purchase would be achievedas long as they round up enough participants. So far, more than 15,000 group purchases have been started, 100 of which have been successful.

[2] Launch of meishixing.com

Social platform meishixing.com has at last launched a web version. For what is essentially a Pinterest clone, this web version features organizing and sharing features for foodies to share photos of all their favorite eats. You’re also able to search for the hottest content (or shoulf that be filling?) in your city and share that with your online friends too. Think of it a bit like social bookmarking of menu pages.

[3] Data Consumption Released by Taobao.com

Taobao.com released its 2011 yearly report on users’ consumption data on 27th of February. The report looks at the consumption behaviors of online shoppers and strives to anticipate the fashion trends of 2012. It also picks out the various preferences of different regions across China, which is quite good fun.

[4] Starbucks China App.

Starbucks China have released their first App (click to download) for iPhone and Android. Mobile phone users are able to download it by scanning the smartcode or sending a text message. When successfully installed, you can search for your nearest Starbucks store, manage your personal reward card account, share unique Starbucks “experiences”, and synchronize it with other social networks.

[5] Burson-Marsteller China Social Strategy Guidebook

BM China, the leading PR and communications consultancy firm, have released a new social media strategy guidebook: “Weibo: Seven Steps to Better Corporate Reputation, Crisis Preparedness and Digital Communications in China.”

Burson-Marsteller’s guidebook outlines an actionable framework for reputation management and brand communication via weibo – China’s microblog medium – from development of social strategy to measuring efficacy. The weibo guidebook shares Burson-Marsteller China’s perspectives on better digital communications, more effective tracking and brand reputation.

 [6] Twitter to Expand Mobile Advertising

Twitter is planning to expand its advertisement services on iPhone and Google Android devices. Twitter announced the scheme via their official blog that ad services are to be known as “Promoted Tweets” and “Promoted Accounts”. At the same time, weibo.com in China has announced that its mobile microblog advertising system would begin in the second quarter of 2012.

[7] Baidu’s Real Time Search for Sina Weibo

Baidu’s real time search service for weibo.com was launched on March 2nd. Relevant keywords will be shown in real time search. Baidu has already established cooperation with Sohu.com, Tencent.com and 163.com, and has included their search result on Baidu since November last year.

[8] “CIC 2012 China Social Media Landscape”

We have recently released CIC’s 2012 China Social Media Landscape, the fourth edition. This edition classifies social media into four categories: Core Networks, Value-add Networks, Basic Networks and Emerging/Niche Networks.

See detailed information and picture, click the link below:


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