IWOM Mark No. 96 ( Youku & Tudou Merger, The Launch of Like, Applying New Media to Consumer Day, Baidu Q4 Report on Mobile Internet Development, China’s Most Trusted Brand, Microblogging from the Two Sessions, Lashou.com Brings Group-Buy Home )

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[1] Youku & Tudou Merger

China’s two biggest video websites, Youku and Tudou, announced on the 12th of March that they are set to join forces. The news sparked nationwide discussion on Sina Weibo, as netizens’ favorite game became guessing the new name of the video giant; “Kudou” (meaning trouser pocket) and “Youtu” (not far away from Youtube) were the top choices. Some even joked that China’s other two video websites, 56.com and 6.cn (or 六间房, which is Chinese for “6 rooms”) should combine to become “56 rooms”. The most popular tweet was, “The combination makes me believe in love again!”


 [2] The Launch of Like

like.etao.com is a Pinterest clone based in Etao’s BBS platform. There’s no denying that it looks a lot like Pinterest, but users connect to each other in relation to their BBS interest groups and content is selected by site editors and sourced from online store mogujie.com.


[3] Applying New Media to Consumer Day

“Micro-letters” is a short message mobile application, through which netizens could connect with CCTV’s Consumer Day special and report on consumer issues as and when they encounter them.


[4] Baidu Q4 Report on Mobile Internet Development

Baidu’s report is made up of five parts: User distribution and network access; mobile Internet devices; mobile Internet platforms, mobile browsers and the app store.


[5] China’s Most Trusted Brand

The award for “Chinese Consumers’ Most Trusted Brand” was recently held in Beijing by social networking site Renren, in celebration of “International Consumer Day”.  Voting started on the 6th of January and covers industries like auto, food, digital, economy, household appliances and airlines. The ceremony awarded more than ten brands and corporations, including Audi, China Merchant Bank’s credit card and Estee Lauder. Coca-Cola took the night’s greatest honor, “People’s Favorite Brand”.


[6] Microblogging from the Two Sessions

The 11th National People’s Congress and CPPCC National Committee, also known as the “two sessions”, recently took place in Beijing. During the two sessions, a significant number of committee members and representatives used their Sina Weibo accounts to directly interact with the Chinese people.

Original Tweet:

“Dongsheng Li: As your representative, I collected a lot of information from you last year. As such, I’m preparing some proposals about education and other things. So, I’ll give away 5 books a day to those that offer me the best suggestions.”

Follow Up Tweet:

“I got a lot of great advice from netizens, thank you all! I’ll be sending my books to…”


[7] Lashou.com Brings Group-Buy Home

Lashou.com has officially brought group purchase to home buyers. House hunters complete a profile with their requirements and the website searches for suitable resources. In an increasingly expensive market, the aim is to help people find their footing on the housing ladder.














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