IWOM Mark No. 98 (Parodies of a Poet, Tmall’s Video Recognition for Virtual Modelling, Pinterest Ready for “Private Pinboards”, “Draw Something”, Qunar and Youtianxia Share Short Term Leases, IBM’s Micro-Movie Premier)

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 [1] Parody of a Poet

“Du Fu is busy” is the meme of the moment amongst Chinese netizens. Du Fu is a famous Tang Dynasty poet and his portrait is well known from textbooks, so there’s a nice element of nostalgia. It’s just a bit of good natured lampooning; not too deep and no offence intended for Du Fu. So, brands are getting in on it too…

[2] Tmall’s Video Recognition for Virtual Modelling

As announced on Tmall’s official weibo, they have launched a kind of virtual modeling, augmented reality system, using video recognition technology. The tech has been in use for a while elsewhere (like the Ray-Ban Virtual Mirror, for example) for quite a while, but netizens are loving it.

[3] Pinterest Ready for “Private Pinboards”

Pinterest recently updated their Terms of Service and in so doing, removed mention of direct monetization; they say it will use contents “for the purposes of operating and providing the Service(s) to you and to other Users.” They also mentioned the introduction of a Pinterest API and Private Pinboards.


[4] “Draw Something”

“Draw Something” is the game of the moment, in which you… draw something, then have your friends guess the thing that you’ve drawn. The developer, OMGPOP, was recently bought by Zynga for 200 million dollars.

[5] Qunar and Youtianxia Share Short Term Leases

Qunar have announced a deal with Youtianxia, a short-term rental website, which will allow Qunar users to search Youtianxia’s database of properties available for short-term lease.


[6] IBM’s Micro-Movie Premier

IBM has released a micro-movie called, “College Folks”(not official translation), which is a story of competition and cooperation, featuring IBM’s latest products. The movie has been praised for its dialogue, including lines like, “Enemies are just reflection of self-lust” and “Perhaps animals that like chaos and killing have gone to cities, that’s why the nights here are so peaceful.”


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