“Creating a Buzz on Chinese TV” – CIC’s first contribution to Momentum Review by Kantar Media

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As new members of the Kantar family, we were honored to be invited to contribute to Kantar Media’s Momentum Review, and provide the Chinese element to their international perspective on media, monitoring and marketing.

When asked to contribute to the 10th edition, which is titled “The Screen Age and the Future of TV”, our own Senior Marketing Manager, Chander Guo, answered a few questions on how Chinese broadcasters use Sina Wiebo to interact with their viewers.

The piece is called, “Creating a Buzz on Chinese TV”, and we invite you to think about the following questions, then check your answers against ours in Momentum Review #10.

1.       How are TV channels creating online buzz about their shows?

2.       How exactly do such TV shows engage with their audience?

3.       What kind of TV shows generate the most tweets and comments?

4.       How are you tracking social data about TV?

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