The New Age of Social Media Command Center

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For years, brands have been using social media, PR and other marketing disciplines in isolated silos. Nowadays, buyer’s and stakeholder’s journeys are powered by so many sources, devices and mediums that it’s become difficult to really engage with them in this way. But there’s good news. Social media is becoming more and more integrated to websites and linked to companies’ overall marketing strategies. From “social only” campaigns, many marketers and communications professionals have now switched their focus to fully integrated campaigns which link seamlessly to customer service, sales or PR.

In a similar way, the ‘social media command centre’ has evolved to reflect this synergistic marketing approach. Until recently, it was often just a dedicated room where a few employees could keep track of mentions on social platforms and engage in social conversations happening around brands or topics. It looked impressive (big digital walls, amazing large screens, fascinating data visualization, elegant glass façade….) but how can you have an overall view of your brand if you just track the basic figures of shares, likes or retweets? How can you gain decisive insight if you just monitor social media without allowing other departments to add their data to the table?

Welcome to the age of big data and insight command centres. Following the release of a recent case study by Forrester on the Kantar Media CIC + Nestle China social intelligence and command centre, we spoke to Sam Flemming, Founder and CEO of Kantar Media CIC, about these changes and what it means for businesses.

If you want to download The New Age of Social Media Command Center white paper, please contact us.

Renay Cheng, Kantar Media CIC   86 21 6404 9191 * 8761

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