Daily C Scrabble – A Game Brought Unexpected Success

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What Happened


Wei Chuan released a new packaging design for Daily C with one large Chinese character on each bottle to interact with consumers in the form of scrabble and make new phrases for further communication among consumers.  The brand’s idea is to attract consumers attention in low season for juice, and hope they can get creative with the scrabble and buy more packages to generate a whole sentence. There were some unpleasant combinations shared online (e.g. “You are sick every year” showed up as a potential crisis), however through careful management from the brand the overall reaction from consumers was positive and the sales volume also surged with the new packaging. As a result, newly packaged Daily C successfully penetrated the young customer group and 722 related WeChat articles received 5,331 reads and 125 likes on average.

What Netizens says


What Kantar Media Says

In this campaign, Wei Chuan granted the power to its consumers to create fun and surprising scrabbled sentences. The company successfully attracted netizens’ attention and bridged the gap between brand and its consumers. Moreover, the  success demonstrated that by initiating an interesting communication among consumers, brand can benefit from high participation and conversion to purchase.

Creative content is core for brand campaign. The smartly picked characters on new package transformed Wei Chuan’s image and motivated more netizens to get involved. Although the reaction from consumers was unexpectedly strong, crisis PR is unnecessary as long as there was no damage to the brand image. In other words, consumers’ spontaneous participation can help brand increase positive impression more significantly.


This case study is from our January edition of Kantar Media CIC TrendWatch, our monthly report of the hottest topics creating buzz on Chinese social media.  Our social media experts deliver intelligence and valuable insights trends we see from consumers, brands and major industries to allow your team to generate innovative ideas.   If you would like to see a full Trendwatch report, email sophia.yang@cicdata.com to request and we will share a sample report with details of standard and customized versions!

 2017年1月《Kantar Media CIC网络趋势观察》目录

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