Sam Flemming is co-founder and CEO of CIC, the first and leading Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) Research and Consulting firm in China. Sam has been a participant of China's digital evolution for over 10 years starting with, the first online payment platform in China. CIC is at the forefront of exploring Chinese digital culture, helping leading brands in China such as Pepsi and Nike understand how the Internet Word of Mouth is impacting and can be used to impact marketing communications, product research and development, reputation monitoring and public relations. Sam has been interviewed and quoted extensively on topics related to Chinese digital culture, social media and the Internet by media sources worldwide including Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal, NPR and Bloomberg TV. He is also a frequent speaker at well-renowned branding and marketing events throughout the world, such as such as Open Web Asia ‘08, The Economist's Fifth China Branding Roundtable and Ad Tech. Sam was also invited to host an Interactive China series on iTV Asia and writes a regular column on IWOM dynamics for Imediaconnection. Sam is highly respected by China's Internet industry experts and is considered the leading pioneer of IWOM in China with his "China IWOM Blog" being seen a "must read" source for timely information on IWOM, PR and Internet marketing in China.

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