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The State of Chinese Social Media in 2016: What You Need to Know

 IWOM Reports 9 February 2017

The Chinese social media landscape is one of the most unique, fragmented and dynamic in the world. In the 12 years that Kantar Media CIC has been analysing Chinese social media, the rate of change has only gotten faster. Here we take the pulse of China’s social landscape and present five changes and developments that brands, agencies and tech players should understand for 2016.


Kantar Media CIC Officially Releases 2014 Social Business to Big Data White Paper — Insights from Kantar Media CIC’s 2013-2014 China Enterprise Social Business Survey

 IWOM Reports 14 October 2014

From 2011 to 2013, Kantar Media CIC published “From Social Media to Social Business” white paper series which served as a “step-by-step guide,” helping enterprises develop their understanding of Chinese social media and ultimately realize their social business objectives. Kantar Media CIC first defined social business for China in 2010 as “an organization designed consciously around social tools, social media, and social networks,  as a response to outgrowth of the web 2.0 technology space and its reshaped brand-consumer communication and business discipline.” After 4 years development, “Social Business” is becoming more than just a concept; it is penetrating every aspect of enterprises’ daily operation.


CIC 2014 China Social Media Landscape:Where to Play & How to Play

 IWOM Reports 26 February 2014

CIC has witnessed dynamic changes in the China Social Media Landscape for the 6th year. Every year, CIC publishes an update of its latest developments. This infographic has long been recognized by the industry as the most authoritative reference, which highlights and helps decipher and navigate the complexity of China social media dynamics.


CIC China Social Media Landscape 2013

 IWOM Reports 2 April 2013

It’s been an explosive 5 years since CIC articulated the 1st ChinaSocial Media Landscape in 2008 and today. We’re honored to release the most up to date version of this iconic industry infographic, the CIC China Social Media Landscape 2013.

This diagram has portrayed China’s social media platforms in 4 categories, based on stage of maturity  and functional dependency.


Weibo Increases the Frequency, Speed and Impact of Crises

Ogilvy PR and CIC’s White Paper, “Crisis Management in the Microblog Era”, uncovers unique characteristics of microblog-driven crises and suggests ways that brands can minimize the potential risks.
As the Chinese social media landscape matured in 2011, weibo (or the microblog) emerged as the source of most of the country’s most damaging and far-reaching crises; from the incendiary Guo Meimei/Red Cross saga, to billionaire investor Wang Gongquan’s eloping with his mistress, to corporate crises for both multinational and domestic brands.


It’s Hip to be LEIMO: Highlights of the CIC & Sina White Paper “Microblog Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development”

 IWOM Reports 21 November 2011

To accompany the recent publication of the co-branded white paper by CIC and Sina, ‘Microblog Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development‘, which is only in the original Chinese at the moment (available to view on Slideshare and download via the CIC website), we have released the highlights as a special, English language edition, accompanied by a series of articles that expand on these highlights for our English speaking audience.


Roots of Content and Routes to Viral: Highlights of the CIC & Sina White Paper “Microblog Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development”

 IWOM Reports 18 November 2011

The microblog, or weibo as it’s known here in China, has made sharing digital content so quick and easy that it serves as a peer-sourced, interest based aggregator of news and entertainment. This makes it a great way to get exposure for content and have it refreshed and revitalized by engaged, creative netizens.


Evolution of the Social Portal: Highlights of CIC & Sina White Paper “Microblog Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development”

 IWOM Reports 17 November 2011

A feature of the recently published, collaborative white paper from CIC and Sina, which focuses on microblogging in China, is an examination of the progression towards the social portal as a characteristic of China’s social media landscape. We have released a summary that picks out several highlights, such as this evolution of the social portal, and will be exploring these further in a series of blog articles.


Chinese Social Network Efluencers – Characteristics & Segmentation

 IWOM Reports 1 June 2011

The second of CIC’s From Social Media to Social Business infographics centers on the biggest fish in the world’s biggest social media pond. That is, those who steer the conversation and exert the most influence on communities in Chinese social media. At CIC, we call them efluencers. So, who are they?


The Social Media Landscape in China

 IWOM Reports 23 May 2011

The Social Media Landscape in China, the first of two infographics released in support of the launch of CIC’s latest white paper, From Social Media to Social Business, sets out to define the context for China’s unique net culture and environment.
The first of two infographics to accompany CIC's white paper, From Social Media to Social Business


The Widening World of Weibo

 IWOM Reports 20 May 2011

Inspired by the stratospheric rise in popularity of the microblog medium in China, which now boasts well over a hundred million users, CIC’s recent infographic asks, “are you ready to microblog?”.
Click for full IWOM Watch microblog special edition
In the absence of Twitter, domestic equivalents have grown to inhabit the space. Many of the conventions are much the same; the number of characters you can use is limited, you can retweet messages from those you follow, mention people using the @ function, track trending topics with the # tag and send direct messages. All very tried, very tested and very Twitter.


CIC Publishes White Paper Series “From Social Media to Social Business” Topic One – An Overview of the Evolution of Chinese Social Media

 IWOM Reports 19 April 2011

CIC 2011 White Paper: From Social Media to Social Business Topic 1: An Overview of the Evolution of Chinese Social Media
View more documents from CIC

Below is a release about our most recent white paper.


CIC collaborates on Roland Berger’s 2010 Chinese Consumer Report

 IWOM Reports 29 July 2010

We are proud once again to be a part of Roland Berger China’s Chinese Consumer Report. Just like last year, this year’s report provides an in depth view of the Chinese consumer, with a particular focus on how the Internet both a part of and impacting the consumer landscape.
This year’s paper EN version and CN version &  last year’s paper here.


Unlocking the secrets of Chinese social media (CIC 2010 Syndicated Reports)

 IWOM Reports 7 July 2010

We just launched a series of syndicated reports on Chinese social media. If you want an overview of a particular topic that we cover, this is a great product for you. Below is the official blurb:
We are proud to be launching a new series of syndicated reports which cover industries, topics and provide invaluable insights into China’s social media as applied to brands and products. While a useful tool for any brand or industry operating in the Chinese market, these reports are a must-have for those contemplating a China market entry.


EXPOSAY: Making sense of World Expo buzz with CIC + Ogilvy PR

 IWOM Reports 5 February 2010

Exposay: Shanghai Expo tickets are the focus of inense buzz in China’s Social Media (Edition_1 201002)
View more documents from CIC .
We are pretty psyched about the new “ExpoSay” white paper we released with Ogilvy Public Relations yesterday which covers all the buzz around the upcoming World Expo 2010 Shanghai. The first of a monthly series. this report found 128,854 Expo-related comments taken from 13,994 blogs, BBS, news and SNS sites in the Chinese Internet space for the month December. The hottest discussed topics included tickets, sponsors, pavilions, countries and cities.


CIC launches new ‘Youth Report’

 IWOM Reports 31 August 2009

In recent years, as the 80’s generation has started to enter the work force and the 90’s generation has started to enter and graduate from University, marketers have begun to try to better understand the unique culture and characteristics of the Chinese youth.
Having grown up with the Internet, today the Chinese youth generation are some of the web’s savviest users and it’s estimated that 63.7% (215.3 Million) of Chinese netizens are part of this Youth Generation (i.e. born in the 80’s, 90’s or 00’s), with this number only set to grow in the short term.


CIC collaborates with Roland Berger on their new ‘Chinese Consumer Report’

 IWOM Reports 30 June 2009

I’m very excited to announce that we have contributed a chapter to Roland Berger’s just launched:  “think: act, STUDY – Chinese Consumer Report 2009”. You can download  the white paper directly here.

In this report Roland Berger using their unique RB Profiler tool, analyzed data gathered from over 12,000 interviews and then proceeded to identify eight consumer archetypes for China: the traditionalist, the modern performer, the minimalist, the hedonist, the conformist, the progressive maximalist, the traditional maximalist and the self-centered type.


CIC launches a new white paper series: Making Sense of IWOM

 IWOM Reports 18 June 2009

I’m currently in London, but I do want to mention that we have released a new white paper, the first topic in a 3 part series. Below is taken from the mail we sent out earlier today. I will share more thoughts on this soon. In the meantime, do check it out.


CIC releases white paper “The Internet is THE Community”

 IWOM Reports 27 November 2008

I am pleased to announce the release of CIC’s Q3 white paper, “The Internet is THE Community”: IWOM White Paper Series on Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) Development in China. The white paper reviews the rapid growth of China’s Internet population and diverse Internet platforms as well as explores the creativity and passion of Chinese netizens and the Internet community. As I mentioned last week, the report will cover four topics. Today, we are releasing Topics One, “The Chinese IWOM Landscape” and Two, “Alternative Ways to Measure Internet Community Dynamics” to coincide with my hosting of a panel at AdTech Shanghai. Topics Three and Four will be released in early December.


Releasing new white paper next week on the development of IWOM in China

 IWOM Reports 21 November 2008

I am excited that after much dedication and hard efforts from our intelligence team, CIC will be releasing our Q3 white paper next week: “The Internet is THE community”: IWOM white paper Series on Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) Development in China. Essentially it is an overview of the architecture, habits, and culture of Chinese IWOM. Because the topic is pretty expansive, we are breaking it up into four topics:


Radio interview on CIC notebook IWOM whitepaper

 IWOM Reports 28 January 2008

Christine Lu, who I first met in 1999 in Shanghai during the first “dotcom boom,” now runs The China Business Network. She recently interviewed me for a radio show she hosts in the US. Christine is an excellent interviewer and I had a great time, but I must admit, it was surreal to be talking about “web 2.0” innovations in China on the A.M. “Talk Radio” format. Christine has built up an amazing network on her site and has interviewed some interesting people, including Kaiser Kuo from Ogilvy (Digital Watch) and Steve Dickinson from the Harris Moure law firm (ChinaLawBlog).


CIC’s Chinese IWOM notebook white paper released: Lenovo dominates, Dell communicates

 IWOM Reports 20 January 2008

I am happy to announce the release of our IWOM whitepaper on notebook computers. You can download it by going here. You can find previous whitepapers on health, auto and mobile phone here. The social media press release for the paper is here, and is full of bite size data points and comments. You can read more about why we are using a social media press release for English media here. The more traditional Chinese press release is here. We were fortunate that our release comes on the heels of CNNIC’s release of the latest Internet stats finding that there are now 210 million Internet users. For more on this study, see China Web2.0 Review here and NYTimes article here. For a deeper understanding on BBS culture (especially relevant for understanding our whitepapers, see ReadWriteWeb here. I will be sharing more thoughts on the whitepaper in coming posts. Two points I think are worthy of exploration. First, is that Lenovo dominates the buzz:


CIC’s Hepatitis B IWOM Research Findings Reported at BMS Media Event

 IWOM Reports 16 July 2007

On June 22, CIC had the opportunity to participate in a media event called “Hepatitis B IWOM and Behavior Seminar” hosted by Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) China in Hangzhou attended by over 30 major Chinese healthcare media. The focus of the event was the findings of our BMS commissioned study focusing on BBS conversations about Hepatitis B.


Word of Health: CIC and Edelman China release IWOM health care white paper

 IWOM Reports 13 February 2007

I am very excited to announce that CIC and Edelman China have partnered to release a white paper on IWOM and health care.
* The paper is here.
* The Chinese language press release is here.
* The English language press release is here.


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