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Daily C Scrabble – A Game Brought Unexpected Success

 uncategorized 13 March 2017

What Happened
Wei Chuan released a new packaging design for Daily C with one large Chinese character on each bottle to interact with consumers in the form of scrabble and make new phrases for further communication among consumers.  The brand’s idea is to attract consumers attention in low season for juice, and hope they can get creative with the scrabble and buy more packages to generate a whole sentence. There were some unpleasant combinations shared online (e.g. “You are sick every year” showed up as a potential crisis), however through careful management from the brand the overall reaction from consumers was positive and the sales volume also surged with the new packaging. As a result, newly packaged Daily C successfully penetrated the young customer group and 722 related WeChat articles received 5,331 reads and 125 likes on average.


Every Business in China Needs a Social Business Support System

 uncategorized 18 March 2016

If every business needs to become a social business, every business needs the “software” to enable competency. A social business support system is a more effective use of social business intelligence across the organization. If a company wants to have a comprehensive understanding of Social Media in China and the rest of the Asia Pacific region, the best way is cooperating with a local third-party social media listening provider.


The New Age of Social Media Command Center

 uncategorized 13 November 2015

For years, brands have been using social media, PR and other marketing disciplines in isolated silos. Nowadays, buyer’s and stakeholder’s journeys are powered by so many sources, devices and mediums that it’s become difficult to really engage with them in this way. But there’s good news. Social media is becoming more and more integrated to websites and linked to companies’ overall marketing strategies. From “social only” campaigns, many marketers and communications professionals have now switched their focus to fully integrated campaigns which link seamlessly to customer service, sales or PR.


Kantar Media CIC released “85-95 Generation Skincare Report”

 uncategorized 9 November 2015

Chinese youth born between 1985 and 1995 bear the unique trademarks of their generation, and increasingly have the material resources to be active consumers, making them the hottest consumer group in the current market. Kantar Media CIC recently released “85-95 Generation Skincare Report” painting a detailed profile of this young target audience with detailed analysis.


For Mother and Infant Nutrition, WeChat needs more:Ogilvy China and Kantar Media CIC conduct original research on the WeChat content reach

 uncategorized 6 November 2015

September 22, 2015: In the first quarter of 2015, China’s B2C category for Mothers and Infants reached RMB26.36 billion in transactions, a 51.9% growth from the first quarter of 2014. This study, titled China’s B2C Market Quarterly Monitoring Report – Quarter 1, 2015[1] sends a clear message to marketers: industries surrounding mothers and infants is on a fast path to growth.


The State of Chinese Social Media in 2015: What You Need to Know Six Takeaways about WeChat, Weibo and Up-and-Coming Platforms

 uncategorized 28 May 2015

The Chinese social media landscape is one of the most unique, fragmented and dynamic in the world. In the 10 years that Kantar Media CIC has been listening to Chinese social media, the rate of change has only gotten faster. We’ve just taken the pulse of China’s 2015 social landscape, as we have every year since 2008; here are six changes and developments that brands, agencies and tech players should understand.


Kantar Media CIC will share its in-depth study on Weibo and WeChat at Kantar roundtable

 uncategorized 28 January 2015

Global research leader Kantar will hold a media roundtable in Beijing on February 3rd 2015, where the ‘Kantar China Social Media Impact Report 2015’ will be unveiled. Kantar would like to share the latest trends in Chinese social media based on the findings of professional surveys. Kantar Media CIC, China’s leading social business intelligence provider, will be joining this meeting by contributing its advanced analysis technology and ability on social media, especially on Weibo and WeChat, to the organization.


Kantar Media CIC 10th Anniversary–‘The Next Golden Decade Starts Now: 10 years of social media, intelligence and insight’

 uncategorized 6 January 2015

(Dec.11th, 2014) Today Kantar Media CIC held its fantastic celebration – “The Next Golden Decade Starts Now: 10 years of social media, intelligence and insight” to celebrate Kantar Media CIC’s 10th anniversary. As China’s leading social business intelligence provider, Kantar Media CIC invited many clients, media partners as well as several social media professionals to review the development process of Kantar Media CIC and social media in China during the last decade, and more importantly, look forward to the next ten years in big data era with Kantar Media CIC’s founder/CEO Sam Flemming.


How to Integrate China’s Pop Culture and Internet Culture in Social Media?

 uncategorized 12 November 2014

SamFlemming , founder & CEO, Kantar Media CIC, shares insights about how brand owners should integrate China’s pop culture with its internet culture to develop a smart social media strategy. Video

CIC launches real-time eCommerce, WeChat insights and Global Coverage of 67 languages

 uncategorized 13 August 2014

We are very happy to share with you some exciting updates about CIC’s services and capabilities. CIC is continuing to invest in our technology to ensure our clients can fully leverage digital intelligence coming from the unique, fragmented, and dynamic social media landscape in China, Asia and across the world.


CIC is hiring in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong

 uncategorized 26 May 2014

For 10 years, CIC has been a leading Asia Pacific social and digital insight firm based in Shanghai and with offices in Beijing and Hong Kong. We distill insight from ‘big digital data’ sets, including social media, e-commerce, search and any other ‘real time’ high speed data rich source. CIC is under WPP’s Kantar group.


Viral Video Cinema Vol.20: Stop-motion Animation Collection

 uncategorized 19 July 2013

In a digital age, there’s something quite satisfying about seeing traditional techniques put into practice.
In this collection, we’ve listed the top 6 stop-motion animation ads for your viewing pleasure.
Honda: Hands
Celebrating 65 years of innovation, Honda’s ad is as informative as it is amusing. Refreshing as a glass of water squeezed from the FCX Clarity.


Viral Video Cinema Vol.17: Cool Videos for High Tech Products

 uncategorized 7 June 2013

This volume of Viral Video Cinema showcases high tech products.
2013’s Google I/O, Google’s annual developer conference, certainly carried the spark of IT inspiration beyond the industry, the geeks and the most ardent tech enthusiasts; new cars, new cell phones, new web platforms and futuristic fashions make great ads.


Sam to speak at 1st Asia Pacific Summit on Measurement

The Asia Pacific Summit on Measurement will take place between the 29th of February and 1st of March at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong and is aimed at stimulating new thinking around the evaluation and measurement of public relations performance. The Asia Pacific Summit will include workshop sessions and speaking spots by senior communications professionals from across the region and beyond.


Weibo Increases the Frequency, Speed and Impact of Crises

Ogilvy PR and CIC’s White Paper, “Crisis Management in the Microblog Era”, uncovers unique characteristics of microblog-driven crises and suggests ways that brands can minimize the potential risks.
As the Chinese social media landscape matured in 2011, weibo (or the microblog) emerged as the source of most of the country’s most damaging and far-reaching crises; from the incendiary Guo Meimei/Red Cross saga, to billionaire investor Wang Gongquan’s eloping with his mistress, to corporate crises for both multinational and domestic brands.


And so the next chapter begins…WPP’s Kantar Media to acquire CIC

I am thrilled to share the great news that CIC has agreed to be acquired by WPP’s Kantar Media. I look forward to taking social media and social business to the next level in China with our new partner.
More info below


CIC and SINA Release Joint White Paper – ‘Microblog Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development’

 uncategorized 15 November 2011

CIC and SINA release joint white paper – ‘Microblog Revolutionizing China’s Social Business Development’

After much anticipation, CIC and Sina’s collaborative white paper on the weibo inspired revolution in Chinese social business was released to a select audience at a gala event at Shanghai’s Wyndham Grand Hotel on the 25th of October.


CIC’s Thoughtful Approach to Weibo

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that right now, “weibo” is the word on everyone’s lips, as the microblog is the hottest property in China’s digital landscape. Celebrities, fans, brands and consumers are coming together in what is the fastest growing community in China’s social space.
As ever in the Chinese social media market, there is more than one platform vying to be the “Twitter of China”. Sina Weibo is expanding its services to such a degree that such a moniker grossly underestimates the ways in which the platform is increasingly allowing advertisers to exert their brand identity and effectively own a slice of social media.


Sam to Speak at L2 Luxury and Digital Event in New York

 uncategorized 7 September 2011

On the 9th of September, China focused thought leaders will explore the biggest transformational opportunity for the luxury market in a generation. These academia and enterprise based luxury luminaries will gather in New York’s Hearst Auditorium for the L2 China Clinic; a full-day session of executive education for prestige brands and agencies looking to capitalize on China’s luxury market boom.


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